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Tips to Choose the Correct Images for your Website

Once you have a quality content website that caters your clients, you need to optimize it further that it impresses the prospects and increases your conversion rate. To have a stunning website, as we all know we need images that speak, speak none other than your website and its content. Having an attractive site doesn’t mean disarray of random attractive pictures but it means meaningful pictures that persuade the prospects in to buyers.  Here are some few tips to enhance your website through images.

Use Evocative Images for your Website

Cluttering your website with attractive images does not serve its purpose at all. The viewers tend to ignore it as a whole and this is a detriment for your website.  Instead choose pictures that would rightly describe what you are or what you provide, images which can be perceived visually and psychologically. Search engine recognize words in your website, so always prefer more words than images.

Optimize Your Images

Your potential clients might only spare you a few minutes, and during such an instance we do not want the website and the images loading very slowly and it obviously disappoints them. Decrease the image file size as possible, use formats such as JPEG or PNG, which are lighter than other, they decrease your load time.

Include keywords in the descriptive ALT text of the image. They can be read by screen readers that enabling your images to be seen by the visually-impaired too.

Include Photos of Compassion

Visitors tend to pay more attention and feel secure if your website has natural pictures rather than the caricatures, cartoon versions of your products or team. Include human faces into your website; they convey a greater propaganda to attract your prospects. Include pictures of yourself, your team or either the actual workspace you are in.

Avoid using fake photos you get from the internet. Stock photos are available in plenty and any one is able to access them, and then you have the same pictures. Try to make your website unique by capturing your own photos. We know plenty of photos we have gone tired of, men in suites shaking hands, and lady with a microphone ready to help you, avoid such photos and start being innovative.

Try Some Psychology

Researches prove baby pictures triggers a part of the human brain to which the adult photos has nil effect on. Attractive people are usually regarded as intelligent and reliable. Try using pictures of babies and attractive people to your website if that is relevant to your content. 

The color and context also plays a major part. Color is necessary to express emotions and also obtain the attention of the visitors. They emotional reaction it causes on the visitors allows us to deliver our message right.