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ISOLSYSTEMS specializes in creating eye-catching Website layout Design & Development for our Clients in Lahore, Pakistan. We are skilled in developing all kind of Websites with professional Web Developers and Designers. We also provide Search Engine Optimization Services at extremely Cost Effective Rates. Contact us to get Free Consultation of your Project.

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CMS & WordPress Web Design & Development Lahore, Pakistan

What is a CMS Website

CMS and Blog Web DevelopmentCMS stands for content management system. The main advantage of CMS is decreasing management costs in maintaining your website. CMS enables you update your website content with no need of sending the work to the web developers.

CMS Website Features

ISOLSYSTEMS offers many CMS Web Development features, all are custom made. We will develop them according to your need.

Website Pages

Make unlimited web pages in your website by using the CMS. Add pictures and file download links in your web pages.

CMS Image Gallery

Image Gallery allows you to set up image galleries, add and delete images to image gallery. You’ll be able to schedule image galleries to go live at a specific time.

CMS Blog

CMS Blog allows you to develop blog entries in your website.

CMS Forum

Forum CMS Feature allows you to operate a forum in your website. The advantage of Forum CMS is that it allows your website users to take part in the forum without developing a separate account for the forum. They will make use of the same login as the website.

CMS Event Calendar

Event Calendar makes it easy to create event listings and show them in your website.

News Ticker Scroller

News ticker shows scrolling headlines from your RSS Feed in website.

Display Module CMS

This CMS feature makes it easy to make display blocks and give them on some other part of your website. For example it allows you to show a free shipping display image on the pages.

Why choose us for CMS & Blog Development?

Our Developed CMS & WordPress Blog Websites will allow you to add, edit, remove and manage many functions without the need of any website developer. We deliver almost all web development services with quality, reliability and guarantee. We do not compromise on quality we will give you maximum benefits at the most competitive prices. This is our guarantee that you will be happy with our work quality and the way of business. When your WordPress blog or any other kind of CMS blog is ready you will not have to invest any further money on website maintenance!

CMS Content Management

  • Add content, update existing content, add more pictures, videos, etc. to your website.
  • Manage Meta keyword and Meta description of every page.
  • Make new page content or edit/delete content using text editor
  • Manage contents
  • Add images with contents
  • Make or edit page title.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • Development of your website in valid XHTML and CSS
  • Clean URLS and error free
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Performs perfectly in all browsers to assure maximum functionality.

CMS Image Gallery Features

  • Create, edit or remove unlimited Categories and Sub-categories
  • Automatic thumbnails generation
  • Adding Unlimited quantity of products and edit or delete them
  • Set Image Gallery display photo properties
  • Automatically resize photo so it will be fit on the specified area.

Social Media Integration

  • Connect with your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube along with other social media profiles straight from your site.
  • Create your social community and market your website through social media websites.

SEO Features

  • We will add SEO features to your website which allows you manage the SEO aspects of all pages and posts .You are able to manage the page title, meta keywords and the description of your web pages.

Website Search Engine Integration

  • Allow your website users to locate content on your website in seconds!
  • You can setup the pages of your website which will be accessible by search.

Integration with Google features

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense

W3C Validated clean coding.

  • Your website code will be according to W3C Standards.

Custom CMS Navigation menu

  • Make Unlimited horizontal and vertical Menu and Sub-Menus
  • Add or delete menu layouts
  • Adding menu name and title
  • Edit or remove an active menu.
  • Change menu hover colors

CMS Comments Feature

  • Website visitors can leave comments on your pages.
  • You’ll also be able to enable or disable comments on the pages.

CMS User Management Features

  • Registration of a Member.
  • Automatic user registration system that enables visitors to register and maintain profiles and post comments in your webpage
  • Secure Admin Login through Username and Password.
  • Add or remove a member.
  • Activate or De-Activate use’s account.
  • Searching for a registered member.
  • Edit member’s profile settings.

ISOLSYSTEMS Customized CMS Golden Features

We will add these Users friendly and Search friendly features to your CMS Website

  • Manage title of all your web pages.
  • Integration with SEO friendly plugins
  • Google XML Sitemap Integration
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Set up your site URL according to your web page title
  • Custom Contact and Registration forms with CAPTCHA Security
  • Two eye-catching and quality web designs according to your specifications.
  • And much more……..

Contact us for CMS Development

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